Phoenix Air Conditioning Repair – Getting Ready for Summer


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Phoenix air conditioning repair companies know that the key to enjoying the summer is being able to retreat into your cool home when the heat becomes too much. With temperatures reaching over 110 degrees in the summertime, Phoenix is the kind of place where a properly functioning air conditioner is essential.

To help you get through these hot summer months, is offering these tips for ac repair in the Vally of the Sun.

High temperatures will be here before you know it, so take a few minutes to learn how to spot potential trouble with your air conditioning unit, how to keep it running properly and, if the need arises, find a reliable air conditioner technician.
Since heating and cooling represents a large seasonal expense, it is worth the time and effort to make sure that everything is working correctly.  In fact, according to one report, electricity to power air conditioners represents 16% of all electricity used. In warmer places, air conditioner energy usage can make up 70% of monthly electric bills. Obviously, it makes sense to get your unit functioning properly.

AC Maintenance Tips and Tricks

As mentioned above, keeping your home cooling unit functioning properly can save you time and money. A few simple maintenance tasks can help the system that cools your home running smoothly. Take the time to perform these tasks now to be ready for the upcoming heat wave.

  • Removing the cover from the outdoor condensing unit of your home’s system is the first step to starting the unit up after the winter. Repair companies in Phoenix often receive calls about a system failing to cool a home only to find that the cover is still on or else something is blocking the condenser. Without the ability to draw air into the system to cool, an air conditioner simply cannot function.
  • Changing filters at the start of the season will also help the unit work at its optimum level. Dirty filters can restrict airflow and even cause blockages that can freeze up the internal evaporator.
  • Starting the unit before hot days arrive is a great way to make sure everything is working properly. If you wait until the summer months arrive and then discover a problem, you may be waiting for some time to get a technician to look at your machine. In addition the cost for ac repair may be more as it may be an emergency call when a Phoenix ac repairman may have to visit during off business hours.  Taking the time to check up on your unit now will make sure you are ready for the sweltering Phoenix summer.

Warning Signs of AC Repair Needs

Small problems with your residential cooling unit might be easy to ignore. However, if left unchecked, some of the following warning signs could lead to serious issues. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, you’ll want to contact a repair specialist today.

The most common sign that something is wrong with your HVAC  or AC unit is a reduction in cooling performance. If the unit is running around the clock but your home is not getting cool, there is probably a blockage or mechanical problem that needs to be addressed.

If your system turns on and off frequently and seemingly at random, you may have an electrical problem. Check circuit breakers and fuses to see if the unit is somehow malfunctioning. It is best to seek a professional if you suspect an electrical problem with your cooling unit.

If your system displays a warning that it is low on coolant, you may have a Freon leak on your hands. Check the exterior and interior parts of the system for puddles of refrigerant. Leaking water or ice forming on the unit are also signs that something is not quite right.

What To Expect When Working with an Service Technician

When you hire a repairman to look at your unit, it pays to have an understanding of how the system works. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for alternative solutions.

Many problems with an air cooling unit are simply caused by the need for regular maintenance. A technician usually does not charge huge fees for cleaning the system. However, if certain components have failed, expect to pay for both the technician’s time and ac replacement parts.

On rare occasions, technicians may suggest replacing the entire system. This is especially true in older homes where the cooling system may be obsolete. Many older units might have problems that can’t be fixed with replacement parts and in some cases it is actually better to replace the entire system.  This is especially true when a replacement will be more efficient and cost effective by saving money on home cooling costs.

Technicians may also recommend professional cleaning and tune-up services. These services are normally completed in one to two hours and are definitely worth considering. If you want to get the most out of your unit, regular professional maintenance is the best way.

Finding A Trustworthy Phoenix AC Technician

In looking for an AC repair service, you might find a huge list of firms in the phone book or online. Unfortunately, not all Phoenix repair companies have your best interests in mind.

How do you determine which one is best?

One way is by investigating the company’s professional certifications. Air conditioning repairmen should be licensed and certified. The EPA Certification and HVAC Excellence are two industry certifications that validate a company’s experience and dedication to professionalism.

Professional companies will also have brand-name training certifications that demonstrate their ability to work on your specific brand of air conditioner.  Companies should also be bonded and insured.

You’re online research will likely reveal customer reviews as well.  Many free sites such as Yelp and the Yellowpages Online show customer reviews that you can read through to learn about what customers thought of that company’s professionalism, honesty, integrity, etc.  That feedback in many cases helps you in finding a reliable service company or organization.

When selecting a potential air conditioning repair company in Phoenix, it is also important to think ahead. Does the company have technicians on call for sudden emergencies? What level of response time do they guarantee? Will they always send the same technician who is familiar with your system?

These are good questions to ask up front.

Stay Cool

Air conditioners do more than just make us comfortable. Air conditioning systems have improved the health in the United States population. They have prolonged the lives of those who suffer from heart disease and respiratory problems.

Lack of a good air conditioning system can even be dangerous. Heat stroke and other serious medical issues can result from overheating especially for homeowners in the Valley of the Sun. The elderly need to be especially careful during hot summer nights.  Pets are also at risk when an AC unit stops working properly.  It’s because of this that having a working reliable air conditioner can make a huge difference and even save lives.

By following these simple tips you can make sure your home is ready for the upcoming summer temperatures. Now is the time to make sure your ac unit is functioning properly and if not, take care of Phoenix air conditioning repair work needed so that your cooling system is ready to go this summer.