Here at HVAC Repair Phoenix, we don’t want you spending any more of your hard earned money than necessary and thought you could get something out of this info…hope it helps!

When a hvac unit gets some age on it there is pretty good chance you may need to add Freon to keep it cooling properly.
Over time, small leaks can occur in your system and you start to lose Freon. At first, this loss just makes the unit work harder and will raise your energy bills and put added stress on your unit’s compressor which uses the refrigerant to help cool the motor.

Eventually the unit will no longer cool the home and you realize you need to call a service company to come check it out.
I made such a call. Thing is though, I contacted a couple of companies to for this purpose. One outfit I called said they were going to charge $185 per pound of Freon and would not tell me how many pounds I might need.

Now, what I’ve learned is, while it is impossible to give an exact number when a system is low, service contractors still know for sure how much the system originally held and give an estimate as to how low the charge might be by the pressures on their refrigerant gauges.
One thing you definitely want to remember. When a company tells you they need to add Freon, make sure you watch them weigh it in. Most guys will just hook up a jug of r-22 and make up whatever amount they want!

If you need Freon, make sure you do this!

Make sure they weigh the bottle before they attach it to your system as well as after they have added the refrigerant. You will be shocked at how many service technicians do not even have a set of scales on their trucks!!

There is no way to know how much Freon was added without a scale. Many will tell you that they can tell by the pressures on their gauges but that is a flat out lie. If you do not want to call out another company then at least lend the guy your bathroom scale so you do not get overcharged and then call the office immediately and complain… It could get you a discount!

And remember, very few ac systems hold more than 10 pounds of Freon. Most average around six pounds or so. If a tech says you need five or six pounds then you can assume the system is just about empty and you have a pretty significant leak.

If he does not recommend a leak search then make sure you have him note on the ticket that if the refrigerant leaks out again within a 60 day period, the amount billed to you will go towards the cost of a leak search and repair.