Phoenix Energy Audit to Lower Your Energy Costs

repairman maintaining a heating and cooling unitLet’s have a little HVAC talk about the topic of a Phoenix energy audit.

You may be wondering why we would bring that up and what importance it has to this site.

Well, as was mentioned on the home page this site, one of the things we want to cover is the topic of saving money on heating and cooling and cutting down on home energy costs.  An energy audit for your Phoenix home can help do just that.

See, repair and maintenance of your heating and cooling unit isn’t just about fixing the air conditioning when your AC goes out.  It’s also about ensuring that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is running at optimum efficiency in order to cool your house effectively AND ultimately reduce energy costs.

In addition, part of heating and cooling your home is the idea that the hot and cold air gets to the places its suppose to and keeps the entire house warm and cool without losing the heat and cold air as soon as the heater or air conditioner blower unit shuts off.  (The constant running of your hvac system and leaking of the air is part of the problem with high energy costs.  Not to mention the idea of when the air does not get to it’s intended destination due to blocked vents or poor air circulation.)


I mean, who wants to pay a higher electric or gas bill than necessary every month.  Plus, when your HVAC is not running efficiently, then your home is not being cooled in a way it was designed to be leading to warmer uncomfortable temperatures inside your home.

Well, I learned a few things about improving the performance of your heating and air conditioning unit from a recent experience I just had.  I want to share that story with you in hopes that you too can reap the rewards of more efficient heating and cooling in your home…as well as reduced energy costs.

I’ll try not to make it too boring.

What I Learned From My Own Phoenix Energy Audit

I had an energy audit done on my home’s performance and energy efficiency.  The inspection was performed by an experienced energy auditor.  He went all through the house, including the attic…taking notes all along the way.  When he was done, he had a story to tell.

See, he had found quite a few things that could be done to improve the cooling capability of the HVAC unit.  Plus in doing that work, he was positive that my energy costs would improve greatly.

Those items to be done included some HVAC repair and maintenance, insulation of the attic, and addressing air duct issues.  In short, here are the biggest factors to handle that would be very cost effective in an attempt to lower energy bills:

  • Clean out and seal the air ducts – the air ducts which led to several rooms in the house were clogged while others were just dirty.  There were quite a few leaks too.  All of which meant the air wasn’t even getting to the rooms to cool them.
  • Ensure that blower and heat pump are compatible – at various stages of my occupancy in the home I have found the need for various forms of HVAC repair.  It wasn’t always the entire unit that needed to be replaced when that maintenance occurred either.  The last AC repair that was done called for a new blower.  It was costly and I reluctantly agreed because hey, the house needed to be cooled.  What I didn’t know is that you can’t retro-fit the new blower I got with the old heat pump unit I had.  So ultimately while the fix occurred, what I ended up with was a poor impersonation of a HVAC unit.  One piece was working at 12 amps and the other at 8.  So while the energy efficiency rating on the unit was greater energy efficiency came when the two components of the unit were made compatible with one another.
  • Adequate insulation especially in the attic – a review of the attic showed thinner than recommended amounts of insulation in some parts…none at all in others.  (There’s no protection in that.)

Fixes Resulting From My Energy Assessment

So the energy audit pros went to work blowing out and sealing the leaking air ducts, upgrading the heat pump, and adding 5 inches of insulation to cover the entire attic.  And the “cool thing”…(okay, a little pun intended), was the majority of the work was done in one day.

The result…HOLY COW!!!  It feels like I life in an igloo now.  Okay, it’s not really that cold as I do have control over the temperature J  But, WOW!  What a difference, a much, much cooler house.  My home is cool now, and that’s even keeping the temp at 80 degrees.

The house is cooler than ever and my energy bill is even lower.  (Raise the roof, raise the roof!)  Now, I’m happy, the dogs are happy, and life in good…even living in the desert heat of Phoenix Arizona.

With this result, I do highly recommend an analysis of your home’s energy efficiency.  Take care of any HVAC repair and maintenance that is necessary so you too can enjoy the comfort of improved performance, a better cooled and heated home, and lower energy costs.

For a Phoenix energy audit and any necessary HVAC repair, the place that did my work and who I highly recommend is REEis.

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