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summer cooling tips for Phoenix homeowners

If you have already lived through a Phoenix summer, then you know how difficult and expensive it can be. Temperatures outdoors will soar past 100 and stay there. It can be vexing trying to keep cool even when you remain indoors all day. If you want to stay cool without spending thousands of dollars on air conditioning, try some of these tricks and tips to keep temperatures manageable.

How to Keep Your Phoenix Home Cool in the Summer

• Use the Early Morning Air

This method is not always feasible, especially when temperatures get unbearably high in July and August. However, you can use the outside air to cool your house and delay the use of your air conditioner. You may have to get up early or stay up late, though, to utilize this solution.

Like most people, you probably understand that the atmosphere cools off during the night. Heat escapes from the Earth into space. This is particularly true on clear nights with no cloud cover. In many regions, people open up their windows after nightfall to take advantage of this phenomenon.

Just waiting until after the sunsets will not work most of the summer in Phoenix, it remains hot well into the night. However, if you are not overly concerned about security, you can open up windows in the middle of the night and let the cool air flow through your house. This is not effective unless you open windows in various parts of your home. Turning on fans or running the AC ventilation will help move the cool air into your house.

Shut the windows when the sun rises to trap the cool air inside. It may not last long but you can delay turning on your AC with this air. It also helps to refresh the air inside your home. However, this method will not work on some nights when the temperature never gets below 80 degrees.

• Strategic Blinds

Be clever with your curtains and blinds. Do not leave them open when the sun is shining on them because this just allows the sun to pump up the inside temperature ridiculously. In fact, it is a good general rule to leave the blinds down on the East side in the morning and open on the West side of your home. Adjust the blinds as the day passes. By afternoon, the situation will be reversed and you will open the blinds in the East and have the blinds or curtains on the West side closed.

• Running the Ventilation

A lot of people set their AC at a certain temperature and then forget about it. They become accustomed to hearing the AC fan kick on and off throughout the day. The fan does this as soon as the air near the thermostat becomes too warm. However, there may still be pockets of unexploited cool air in your home.

If you set the AC fan to run all the time, rather than wait for the actual air conditioning unit to been refrigerating air again, you can reduce the amount of energy used on the AC. Running the fan is inexpensive and keeps cool air circulating and in use.

• Fans, Fans and More Fans

This is not a new solution for anyone who has lived in Phoenix during the summer but it bears repeating. Buy lots of electric fans. You will find that you can tolerate higher temperatures in your house if you have a fan running and sweeping you with moving air constantly. The cost of running these fans is minimal compared to the cost of setting the AC a few degrees lower.

• Plant Away

Plant and grow trees and shrubs on the South and West sides of your home. During summer, they will be perfectly placed to prevent sunlight from directly striking your house. Also plant them around your AC unit. This natural assistance can literally save you hundreds of dollars per year once the trees are big enough.

• Have an energy audit done

There are a number of things happening in your home right now that is causing it to be warmer than it should be.  Your air conditioner is not cooling it as efficiently as it should and other factors are playing a roll in your struggle to keep you Phoenix home cool in the summer heat.  Having an energy assessment performed on your home will help identify the problems with your system and even things you might be doing to keep your house warmer than it should be.

• HVAC Tune Up

There is little more unnerving than having your AC quit or break during high summer in Phoenix. Not only will you become very uncomfortable in an hour or less, you will face a high repair bill. This is especially true on a weekend or during a holiday when rates for repairs will be 50% higher at least.

You can avoid such a predicament by making a pre-emptive review of your equipment. Before summer starts, shop around for an HVAC company that offers economical repairs and maintenance. A quick review of your machinery and replacement of parts before you need the unit 24 hours a day will be painless and save you money for something fun in the summertime. Why spend money on repairs when you can spend it at one of this city’s water parks?

You have to think strategically around the clock when you live in Phoenix during the summer. If you want to save money and enjoy the comforts of a cool home without running the air conditioner all day, review everything that you do and determine whether it heats or cools your house.

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