Important!  Please remember, the number one thing to consider when looking for the best hvac brands is not so much the brand but who will actually be installing it!!!

Every licensed contractor who installs heating and cooling equipment will typically have a specific brand that they recommend.  Unbeknownst to many homeowners, the brand they are recommending is usually determined by what dealer gives them the best deal…. in other words, the lowest price on the hvac unit.  Think of the lowest bidder HVAC brands

Many contractors would argue that Trane is the best equipment as far as quality goes.  In fact, they would argue that no other brand is better.  As a result, if I were to say that American Standard was as good as Trane, would they argue that point?  Yea, most probably would.

However, American Standard actually owns the Trane brand name and both pieces of equipment are identical except for the way the cabinets look.  American Standard kept the Trane name because of its brand awareness.  And of course you will pay extra for that name!  So DON’T!

Then you have brands like Carrier.  They claim to be the largest manufacturer of heating and air conditioning units in the world, and probably are.  But, most of that equipment is for commercial use.  Carrier generally has terrible customer service when it comes to contractors working with dealers.  And, the equipment is not easy to work on or install compared to other brands so you will pay more.  Carrier also owns the Bryant name.

Then you have Rheem and Rudd, again, the same owners and these folks just want to go against industry standard and make the installer of the equipment pull his hair out trying to figure out the low voltage wiring specifics because they are not industry standard… again, you pay more.

I personally think that most equipment, at least what I am mentioning here, is very comparable in quality and it is more important that it be installed correctly than what name is on it.  NOTE:  There are some brands that are lower in quality so I would stick to the names I’ve mentioned here.

One brand in paticular that works well, is easy to install and also has the best pricing comes from the Goodman Manufacturing outfit.  This unit could be known as Janitrol, Goodman or even Kenmore.  When the salesman is in your house, ask him or her if they can get Goodman products.  I have a Goodman in my home, it’s been there for 15 years now and when I replace it I will install another Goodman!

As the Goodman slogan goes: Dare to Compare!

By the way, if you are interested in who owns whom, here is an interesting site to check out:  Who owns Who.

We here at HVAC Repair Phoenix, hope this information has been helpful to you in learning about the best HVAC brands.